O.J. Simpson was an NFL legend who played running back for the Buffalo Bills. As we all know by now, Simpson's life came crashing down after he was accused of murdering his wife and her lover. While he was never convicted of that crime, Simpson ended up going to jail for an unrelated crime and has since been released. For the longest time, the Bills had retired the number 32 which Simpson had worn during his playing days. That's all come undone as the Bills recently brought Simpson's number out of retirement and gave it to their new halfback Senorise Perry.

Even Perry himself was surprised that he got the number, although he's not exactly complaining about it. "I thought it was retired. But then I was told it was available. Boom, I took it," Perry told The Athletic

Brooke Keast/Nevada Department of Corrections via Getty Images

The Athletic ended up reaching out to Simpson who didn't seem too upset by the Bills decision. "Whatever they do is fine with me," Simpson explained. "That’s how I feel."

Thanks to the stigma that surrounds Simpson, the Bills and the NFL are reluctant to acknowledge his existence. It's this stigma that most likely led to the Bills making this decision as it helps distance themselves from the disgraced star.