We recently reported on OJ Simpson joining Twitter. The 71-year-old former football player shared his excitement by adding a video of himself, grinning widely and stating the following: "Hello Twitter world. "You know, for years people have been able to say whatever they wanted to say about me, with no accountability. But now I can challenge a lot of that BS and set the record straight. More importantly, I’m able to talk about everything, especially sports and fantasy football and even politics. But for now, let me just say, to my fellow fathers out there, happy fathers day. God bless."

Coincidentally, his Twitter activation coincided with the 25th anniversary of when Simpson was accused of murdering his late wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her alleged lover, Ronald Goldman. He was acquitted of all charges following a highly publicized grand jury hearing but still went onto serving a lengthy prison sentence for an armed robbery in Vegas back in 2008. Shortly after Simpson's Twitter activation, he was hacked and a series of controversial tweets were shared via his account. Some of them included confessions that he murdered his late wife and requests to "link up" with shamed singer R. Kelly. Since the latter ordeal, OJ has retaken control of his account and addressed the tweets with yet another video. To note, OJ's account has already racked up 300K. You can watch the video below.