Amid Ohio State University's investigation into exactly what head football coach Urban Meyer knew and how he handled domestic violence allegations against former assistant coach Zach Smith, Buckeyes fans have taken to Ohio Stadium to show support for their coach. 

Ohio State fan Jeff Hamms, who organized the event on his Facebook page, took center stage at the rally, leading the roughly 200 fans in "Urban Meyer" chants while others stood by with their pro-Meyer and anti-ESPN signs, including one that mocked the Me Too movement. 

According to James Grega Jr., who covers OSU football, Hamms said, "no comment," when asked if he ever considered the rally could be perceived as a bad look for the University. 

Stacy Elliott, father of former OSU star and current Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, was also in attendance at the Urban Meyer rally

In wake of the allegations against Meyer, Ohio State has placed the head coach on paid administrative leave while they conduct their own investigation into the matter. Ohio State fired assistant coach Zach Smith on July 23 when his past allegations of domestic assault were brought to light by reporter Brett McMurphy. Meyer initially reporters that he knew nothing about the incident that occurred in 2015 while Smith was working for him at Ohio State. However, Meyer backtracked on the statement, and Smith revealed that Meyer was aware that police were investigating him for domestic assault in late October 2015.

According to ESPN, the school has appointed a special working group to determine who at Ohio State knew about Zach Smith's actions, when they knew and if anyone acted improperly in handling the situation.