All schools in the Jackson Local School District in Ohio were all on lockdown after a seventh-grader shot himself in the washroom at Jackson Memorial Middle School, Cleveland News reports. The young boy's condition is unknown at this time but he was reportedly transported to the hospital. 

No other injuries were reported and police officials are unsure if the self-inflicted shooting was on purpose or by accident. The shooting took place Tuesday morning where high school students in the area who drove were released to their vehicles at 9:20AM and those who rode the bus were picked up by their parents shortly after. 

This Ohio shooting comes just days after Florida school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, killed 17 people at his high school. The aftermath of the tragedy has since put a young boy in juvenile detention after he sent a SnapChat to a friend holding a gun with the caption "round 2 of Florida tomorrow."

Police were called to the home of the boy where they found the "gun" that was only a pellet gun. Although he insisted he was only joking, he was charged with school disturbance.