Slightly over a week ago, OG Maco revealed he'd been a severe car accident resulting in multiple different injuries. The "U Guessed It" rapper posted photos of himself in a hospital bed with a neck brace on and a swollen eye, following them up with pretty optimistic tweets about his condition. He wrote at the time, "Multiple skull fractures, broken orbital (surgery next week), cracked vertebrae (surgery next week) and heart palpations. I feel ALIVE!!! On the bright side, My plastic surgeon says I can't get any uglier so fixing my face should be easy."

The rapper did not detail the circumstances surrounding his crash, and he still hasn't, but he has revealed a permanent injury-- the loss of his right eye. Following the accident, OG has posted several photos where he's wearing an eye patch. Apparently he's been catching flack from trolls, and he took to Instagram to reveal his bloodied eye for all those doubters.

He wrote, "Y'all bastards had all these jokes like I really didn't lose a eye real quick. I don't mind. Just remember I never did a thing to you. To see a world where the do-ers and dreamers are ridiculed more than losers and conformity is to worse than missing an eye."

He also posted a video where he slowly opens his damaged eye-- you can check that below and the photo above.

[via P&P]