There's a lot that can be said about OG Maco's career. One interpretation of his career till now is that he acted as a sort of martyr that sacrificed himself so that other artists could profit off the grungy aggressive sound that made him famous. It's an interpretation that he seems to share, which he made clear when he outlined his issues with his current label, QC.

However, it seems that there's still fight in Maco, and he'll be trying to take his place back at the top with his upcoming release, God of Rage. Maco went to Instagram yesterday, to showcase the artwork for the project, and reveal that it will be releasing in exactly a week from now, on July 7th.

The cover art is appropriately metal considering the title. A skeleton in a suit of armor burns with the word "MACO" written on its chest. Different gothic letterings, and some Japanese writing for good measure. No where on the cover is the logo for QC, which means that he's likely keeping his promise that he wouldn't release any new projects under the label.

He also showed off an alternate artwork for the project, consisting of two pitch-black, bloody hands crossing each other. The hands are suitably demonic, with long fingernails extending from their ashen fingertips.

In the mean time, Maco hasn't been slacking off on releasing new music for his fans. He recently teamed up with Chinese rap outfit, Higher Brothers, for a new song titled "ChopSticks." Check out the album art for God of Rage below.