The black, red and blue Adidas NMD which started the sneaker's phenomenal craze was rumored to return this month in the NMD's 1-year anniversary, yet "sources" are now claiming the re-release has been pushed back until 2017. Specifically, January 14th. 

Take that information with a grain of salt because we all know how unreliable sneaker rumors are, but word on the street is that this "OG" NMD is in fact slated to re-release. That's great news for anyone not looking to spend $1,000+ for these on the secondary market.

And it makes perfect sense because why wouldn't Adidas want to capitalize on the NMD's popularity by releasing this coveted, original black, red and blue colorway? If that's the case, we wouldn't be surprised if the white, red and blue joint re-released at some point in 2017 as well.