Money and fame don't matter to Cardi B. She's attached to Offset's spirit, soul and heart. Throughout their marriage, the two have faced countless rumors and controversies. Last winter, everybody was convinced that the high-profile couple would be splitting up after Bardi herself announced that they were headed for a divorce. At the time, her Migos-affiliated husband was caught up in a number of different cheating scandals, including one with Celina Powell, but they ended up reconciling shortly after. If you ask Cardi, she would have settled for Offset at any stage of his life. She's reminding him of that in the comments to his latest throwback.

Each member of the Migos enjoys sharing old memories from when they were younger and less famous. We've seen Takeoff and Quavo's family photos and, every once in a while, Set creeps in with a TBT of his own. Last night, the superstar shared a photo of himself as a teenager, repping a Gucci fit and claiming he only had "A LIL PAPER." His wife slid through to tell him that she still would have entertained his offer for a fun night but Tory Lanez took the opportunity to roast the Atlanta native.

"N***a look like a n***a that had the swipe wrk booming," joked Tory, suggesting that Offset may have been a scammer extraordinaire. Luckily for him, Offset doesn't need to resort to sketchy means for his paper these days. He can just drop a song and watch the millions fly in.