After Migos enjoyed a career-defining run in 2017, Offset found himself catapulted into near super-stardom. The Culture rapper recently earned himself his first solo platinum plaque for "Ric Flair Drip," and found himself engaged to one of hip-hop's most media-friendly personalities; as a result, it's no wonder that his name has been buzzing. Nowadays, it seems like Offset is shifting toward becoming the most recognizable face in Migos, at least until Quavo or Takeoff drop another project. Suffice it to say, the future husband of Cardi B is clearly enjoying the benefits of his celebrity, but that hasn't stopped him from holding down as a father.

In a recent post on Instagram, Offset posted up the modern-day equivalent of a home-video, which features his son Kody looking like a full-on "Mini-Me." In a caption that looks like it was written by the Zodiac Killer, Offset comes through with some familial love, writing "K I N G K O D Y I S M Y T W I N I L O V E H I M." In the clip itself, Offset's kid can be seen spitting Blue Ivy-esque mumble rap bars, all while decked out in more chains than the average rapper.

From the sound of it, it looks like young Kody is ready to follow in his father's footsteps. It's a pretty endearing look for the rapper, who generally tends to move in silence as a man of few words. Check out the video below,