Offset's mini-me Kody Cephus is no rookie when it comes to laying down some bars. Just last month Offset shared a video of his four-year-old son rapping for the camera and while he wasn't saying any real words, his vibe and hand motions were all there, letting us know he's watched a few of his father's music videos. 

The latest on Kody's bubbling career is yet another video shared by Offset that sees Kody now strapped with headphones and mic stand in front of him. It's clear that Kody isn't being recorded and the mic stand is seemingly without a mic (don't tell Kody that) but it doesn't stop the youngin' from bustin' out even more verses.

This time around, Kody has just a few words to say but more than anything is his impressive flow on the beat - check it out below.

In other heartwarming news regarding the Father of 4 artist, he recently reunited with his father after a couple of decades apart. "HAVENT SEEN MY FATHER IN 23 YEARS !!!!!! AND I STILL LOVE HIM. THE PAST IS THE PAST AND THE PRESENT IS ALL WE HAVE TO RELY ON WE NOT PERFECT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM I LOVE YOU POPS !!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!" he captioned the video - watch that here.