Offset's been dealing with some legal issues over the past few days. The rapper was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors and two felonies after he was pulled over in Georgia. Offset's lawyer, Drew Findling, said that he believes the rapper was targeted by the police for being Black and successful. Earlier today, police claimed that Offset was weaving through lanes before he was pulled over. However, Findling isn't buying what the cops are saying.

Drew Findling believes the cops are lying about Offset's arrest, TMZ reports. The officer who arrested Offset said that he smelled weed when he pulled over the rapper's vehicle. However, Findling says that if that was the case, the officer would have ordered Offset to step out of the car and do a field sobriety test (i.e. walk the line) which didn't occur.

The police report doesn't mention Offset being impaired or any suspicions of him being impaired.

Findling feels like this is further indication that Offset was targeted by police for being black and successful. He believes that Offset was profiled because he is a successful young black male that was wearing a "big fat watch" and driving an expensive car. Findling says the cops goal was to "take him down."

At this point, we're hoping that this all works out for Offset. The rapper and his wife Cardi B recently welcomed their first child together, Kulture.