Cardi B & Offset's relationship has been ruling headlines ever since they first got together. The hip-hop power couple now appears to be nearing the end of their coupledom as Cardi B publicly stated that the two are getting a divorce. Later in that week, she shared the first-ever photo of baby Kulture on social media. Over the weekend, Offset crashed Bardi's Rolling Loud set to beg for her forgiveness, which was not met with the kindest of responses by the Bronx rapper. Now, the rest of the family is getting involved as Offset's father has reportedly aired out his daughter-in-law on a Facebook group.

A few reports have started to break out showing messages that were allegedly written by Offset's stepfather, Michael Woodward. He is believed to go by Tony Pla online, where he shared a lengthy message to his fraternity group. "Right now, my family is going through a very tumultuous time," wrote the man. He then proceeds to go straight into his tirade against Cardi B, saying that she's unconcerned with the devastation she's seemingly causing the family. Woodward writes that he isn't clearing the air to defend his son, as he maintains that Offset has done a lot of "dirt," but that he is trying to protect him from the constant social media attacks. 

The post even refers to Bardi as a "hot headed female that thrives off of social media attention." Woodward says that Cardi shared the baby photo out of spite; it was apparently supposed to be included on Offset's album, which still hasn't been released. 

Neither Offset or Cardi B have commented on the alleged comments made by Set's stepfather.