Cardi B's career took off as a female rapping MC whose lyrics detail her come-up as a stripper to her very lavish lifestyle that has acquired her Balenciaga's that look like socks and red bottom heels. The "Money" rapper has since made her acting debut in the Jennifer Lopez-led film Hustlers that follows a group of strippers who band together to get back at their Wall Street clients. For Cardi, there wasn't much 'acting' required since she was familiar with the pole and according to her husband, Offset, her acting debut may very well land her some attention from the Academy Awards. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Offset and Cardi were both in attendance at last night's Diamond Ball hosted by Rihanna and the Migos rapper was told that his leading lady was being talked about when it came to Oscar nominations. "I haven’t heard that. That’s crazy," the "Clout" rapper told Entertainment Tonight of the news. 

“Can you imagine, Cardi and Oscar?” he was asked. 

“I can see it. It’s on the way," he responded. 

Hustlers has already succeeded at the box office, pulling in $2.5 million at yesterday's box office with predictions to pull in even more for global domination.

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