Earlier today, TMZ caught up with Cuban Doll to ask about the whole situation happening with Cardi B and Offset. Since Cuban and her friend, Summer Bunni, are involved in the drama, it was appropriate to approach her about it. Cuban stated that she doesn't know Offset personally and that Summer Bunni is just a clout chaser. On the topic of chasing clout, Offset's alleged mistress is literally releasing a song about everything that is going on right now.

We could all have anticipated this actually going down but it's official now. Summer Bunni is releasing a song about Offset and there's a preview floating around. The social media personality shared a screenshot of an article written by The Blast, who has an exclusive preview of the upcoming track. The song is called "Don't Matter" and it was apparently written over the summer when her alleged affair with Offset was still in full swing. She sings, "Fuck the gossip fuck the tea, I’m the one that you really need." Yikes.

Bunni gave The Blast some insight as to why she's dropping the track, saying, "I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time." This is really happening, guys. Check out the preview here and stay tuned for the full version.