For the first half of this year, Celina Powell tried to make Offset and Cardi B's life a living hell. The woman lied to everybody as she claimed she was pregnant with Offset's baby, faking her pregnancy and somehow fooling everybody. Cardi stuck by her man at the time but issued "Be Careful" as a warning. Things have been quiet on the Celina front but now, her life is about to made into a living hell. The rap groupie was arrested over the weekend by bounty hunters as she was detained in Colorado.

Powell was taken into custody for tons of previous incidents, including evading the police, shoplifting, traffic violations and more. According to TMZ, there were more than $61K of bonds in her name. The woman, who has previously accused people like Offset, Snoop Dogg, and more of cheating on their partners with her, is currently sitting in a jail cell after getting busted by bounty hunters. Video of it all going down has been released, which is pretty cringeworthy in itself. One of the bounty hunters, a white man, begins hurling the n-word while trying to deny that he's racist. Slick. 

Celina was nabbed after she posted that she would be hosting an event at a hookah lounge in Colorado. The bounty hunters were reportedly staking the parking lot as they awaited her. Will this be the last we hear of Celina Powell?