Most of us know Offset as one of the three members of the ultra-successful rap trio Migos. Members of his family know him in a different light. We ended up learning a lot about the man through his exposé with the New York Times, but was anybody aware that he had a past as a dancer? Earlier this week, he shared an image of himself as a child, posing next to Whitney Houston. After his mother spilled the beans about his flashy feet to the TimesVulture conducted some quick research and found the exact instant he was onscreen in a Whitney video.

It turns out he was also a star in a TLC video, which has not yet been unearthed. That will likely surface sometime soon but for now, you can check out a young Offset showing off his skills with Whitney Houston. The rapper rocked a grey oversized suit, which was actually fashionable back in the day. He doesn't seem embarrassed at all, despite his insane drip in 2018. How could he have predicted that he would become one of the biggest stars in Atlanta?

We'll keep an eye out for the TLC video he was apart of. Check out his full story with the New York Times