It appears Offset from the Migos ain't sweating his little run-in with Chris Brown the other night following the BET Awards. On Tuesday afternoon, the ATL rapper was caught by TMZ walking down Rodeo Dr. in Los Angeles where he was asked about the altercation.

While many people believe the altercation stems from Quavo’s recent relationship with Chris’ ex-girlfriend Karrueche, that may not necessarily be the case entirely. Offset says that money & haters is what sparked the fight, before saying “there’s no beef” between the two.

"Whole lotta paper, whole lotta haters, man” Offset said before saying Chris doesn’t want beef with them. “He don’t want no smoke.”

Offset was then asked if he would ever get on a record with Chris if the money was right, but that didn’t seem to entice his decision or mindset at all. He ain't messing with Breezy in any way or form, but he did find Meek Mill & Safaree incident to be hilarious.

Check out TMZ’s run-in with Offset (below).