Offset and his fellow Migos always make it abundantly clear in their music how much money they have and the lavish cars they drive.

That is why Offset's current situation is so bewildering. On Nov. 3, Los Angeles luxury car rental Platinum Motorsports' lawsuit against Offset was defaulted, now requiring the Atlanta rapper to pay exactly $950,027.35 for a Bentley he rented in Spring 2020.

At the time, Offset was a regular customer of Platinum, as they consistently gave him fair deals on car rentals. In May 2020, he rented a Bentley Bentayga from the shop for a few days at around $600 per day, and would eventually renegotiate to keep the car until late July.

Everything was going fine until Offset failed to submit his payments around the 4th of July, and the dealership began concerned. When Platinum approached him about the car, he said it was not in his possession anymore. 

This became a problem for Platinum because the Bentayga was not in their possession and they could not lease it or rent it out to anybody. Clearly Offset had something to do with the car's disappearance. 

After filing a police report, it was estimated that Platinum lost $100,000 in revenue due to the car's absence. This would come back to haunt Offset, as Platinum decided it was time to take legal action.

A judge would eventually sign off on the suit, and now Offset owes Platinum nearly $1 million. This is a strange story, because Offset is definitely good for the money. Just last month, he gifted his wife Cardi B a lavish new home in the Dominican Republic.

It appears that Offset took the Migos lyrics "Motorsport, put that thing in sport" a bit too literally.