His wife's new song "Up" features a chorus that brags about hopping out of a Bentley Bentayga, but a report states that the luxury car brand is at the center of a lawsuit. Offset's car collection is enviable and he and Cardi B have often given the public a peek into the fleet of whips, but Platinum Transportation Group, a luxury rental service based in Los Angeles, has alleged that Offset rented a Bentley back in Spring 2020 and never returned it.


According to TMZ, Offset was a regular customer of the service and they often offered him a 2020 Bentley Bentayga rental for less than $600 per day. The car was apparently supposed to be used for only a few days back in May, but he reportedly didn't turn the vehicle in when it came time. PTG reportedly states that Offset pushed the return date back several times and then months later, the company alleges that the rapper told them that he didn't have the Bentayga. 

It's reported that Offset alerted PTG that he was unsure of who was in the possession of the vehicle and wasn't aware of where it could be. The company further states that after the rapper told them that the car was gone and his lease expired on July 25, Offset stopped making payments. In their lawsuit, PTG says it was then that they filed a police report but TMZ claims they can't locate the documents with authorities. The rental company is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages, but they have made claims that they've lost upwards of $100K in "missed revenue" from business opportunities.

The car reportedly retails at approximately $170K. Check out a few photos of Offset with a few rides below.