What do you have for breakfast the morning after you win your first-ever Grammy Award? It's a question that probably nobody has ever asked. Musicians dream about one day standing on the Staples Center stage to accept a Grammy Award and Cardi B was lucky enough to live that dream last night. The young rapper took home the prize for "Best Rap Album" after working so hard on her debut LP Invasion of Privacy. With a new project being teased for later this year, it's possible that she'll follow up the same success next year but for now, she's basking in her own glory. Her husband Offset, who she recently got back together with, is spoiling her rotten today too because he cooked pretty much everything you can think of for her breakfast.

Bagels, fruit salad, french toast, eggs, bacon and more were on the menu at the Cephus household as Cardi held her baby in her arms, swooning over her man in a new video. When they went back into the house, she showed off the numerous bouquets of flowers that Set bought for her. This time, they didn't read "Take Me Back Cardi."

Offset announced last night that he would be releasing his solo debut album at the end of this month. Some have been critical of the announcement's timing, given the fact that it basically coincided with his wife's Grammy win but at this point, people will find any tiny thing to nitpick at with this couple.