Migos are arguably the hardest workers in the game. It'll take more than a bumper collision to stop their relentless drive, Offset in particular. News of his car accident was received with general concern, but you wouldn't know it by the looks of this casual demeanor. In a video obtained by TMZ, Offset is seen boasting about the injuries while puffing on a dutch. No words are spoken, nor is his face completely visible, but one thing is certain, he looks ready to resume daily activities.

The video also offers a clear image of his injuries, his hand wrapped in a bandage, several cuts and scrapes on his arms, all suffered during the crash of his lime-green Dodge Challenger. Oddly enough, it's with his bandaged hand that Offset smokes his "wake & bake" joint. The video is reported to have been filmed early Friday morning, during a solo session in the studio.

Offset was hospitalized for a brief period, as Cops responded to distress calls on the scene. Upon arrival, they found no sign of Offset in the vicinity of the crash. His abandonment of the scene and his vehicle was soon met with skepticism by the Officer's on-call. They have undergone a covert investigation into the nature of his disappearance. No word on whether Offset was held for questioning.