Offset AKA Father of 4 is one proud dad. The "Clout" rapper has been sharing all kinds of updates of his children on his Instagram lately, boasting just how enamored he is with his adorable offspring. The latest spotlight goes to his youngest daughter, Kulture, who he shares with his wife Cardi B. Only recently have the couple been sharing updates of their growing daughter on Instagram since they previously vowed to keep their baby private from the media. 

"I want my kids to be kids, I don’t like them having Instagram, I don’t want to move to LA, so there won’t be cameras in their face," he previously told The Breakfast Club. The video Offset shared sees Kulture in an all-white get-up chewing on her finger while making cute baby sounds and smiling along to her mom's voice. 

“Now that I’m older, though, I’m learning my way," Offset previously told Haute Living when discussing his journey into fatherhood.

"Us fathers sometimes don’t always take the best routes. I feel that pain. Hearing you’re a bad father is the worst thing you can hear, and people throw that around so much. It’s like someone spitting in your face. But my children are everything to me. And now that they’re getting older, I get to bring them around with me on the road much more, which is amazing. Whenever I get a few days, I bring them with me because I need to spend that time with them.”