While we sit here waiting for Offset to drop off his solo album that he's teased numerous times on Instagram (leaving us more ready than ever) clearly the "Ric Flair Drip" rapper is busy doing other things in the meantime such as delivering duffle bags full of cash.

We don't know where Offset is going, or who exactly will be receiving this large sum of cold hard cash but the photo uploaded to the rapper's Instagram feed was accompanied with a caption that reads: "ROOT TO ALL EVIL." Considering a couple of lawsuits Offset is unfortunately involved in - the stylist one as well as being dragged into Cardi's case against her ex-manager - it wouldn't be a reach to assume the money could be for a private settlement outside of court. 

We'll have to see if any further updates come through about Offset's court happenings, but hey, he could also just be purchasing a new whip using cash-money. 

"I'm really pushing my album to be a playlist and not an album, because a playlist is consistently being played for moves, exercises, and different things," Offset previously told Billboard of his upcoming tape.

"With Spotify and all the streaming services, it's all about who got the biggest playlist. So I was focused on making my album like a playlist. The format of what an album is in the books, isn't what's going on in 2019."