COVID-19 was declared a pandemic all the way back in March and since then, millions of people throughout the world have contracted the virus, while over a million people have died. As a result, businesses have shut down all while people have been forced to stay at home and go months without seeing their friends. It's a dreadful situation that could be over soon, as numerous vaccines are about to swoop in and save the day.

Some, however, are quite skeptical of the vaccine as they feel as though there could be risks involved. Rapper Offset is one of those people as he recently spoke to TMZ about the vaccine and his distrust in the system. As Offset explains, he simply doesn't trust the pharmaceutical companies, especially when you consider how they have a history of nefariously treating the black community. Simply put, Offset will be passing on the vaccine, at least for now.

The artist also noted that he doesn't want to be one of those people who skips the line simply because they are a celebrity. Offset realizes that there are people who need the vaccine more than he does, and he would rather them get the opportunity first.

Vaccines are certainly touchy subjects although if the first wave of doses prove to be effective and safe, then perhaps we will see Offset change his mind entirely.


Jim Spellman/Getty Images