Cardi B and Offset have been a certified romantic item for a little while now. Besides being known for their cute poses on the red carpet of high-prestige events, they've also developed a reputation for copping some expensive jewelry. Check that - the Migos rapper has repeatedly gifted his boo some bling that is not only stunning to look at, but the price tag is sure to leave most people speechless too. However, those pricey displays of affections may be over in his mind, based on his comment to a TMZ cameraman who engaged in some discussion with him on the sidewalk. 

The exchange began as a moment for Offset to showcase his expensive watch collection, with iced-out detailing from top to bottom. Serious question: does he carry that case of watches with him everywhere he goes? So that he has it ready to go any time someone asks him about it? Like, "Hey, I hear you buy a lot of-," "Why, I thought you'd never ask." Anyways, back to the story: so he shows the TMZ photog the collection, which gets an awed response from those watching. As he heads back towards his ride, a black SUV, to climb inside and head to his next destination, the cameraman asks, "What did you get Cardi?" The rapper's response? "She can buy her own s**t."

A meaningless aside? Or a slightly salty reply from a man who's decidedly less famous that his significant other. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but if that's the case, perhaps Offset doesn't feel the need to shell out that much coin on items to add to her jewelry collection at the moment. It's worth noting that he's already done a nice amount of work in this department as well. The chain that he got for her from Avianne & Co. was worth a reported $60,000, while the matching time tellers that they were seen wearing not long ago must have been worth a large sum of money as well. There's been nothing but love between Offset and Cardi B publicly, so gift-giving isn't likely to disappear completely in the near future.