Between 2018's Migos-mania and his early 2019 Father Of 4 album, you'd think that Offset's book o' rhymes would have run dry by now. Yet it would appear that the rapper has once again returned to the studio, albeit for an unknown project. Late last night, Offset hit Instagram for a preview session, queuing up some unreleased heat in the stash. The track in question appears to be produced by the powerhouse duo of Turbo and Wheezy, and finds Offset vibing with an up-tempo melodic flow.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Captioning "she gown drown in all the water," Offset once again covers ground previously explored. IE: his own boundless riches and the unfathomable beauty of his wife Cardi B. Yet there's a continuation of Father Of 4's maturity even now, as he flows over the track with a noted yet subtle authority. Perhaps we're about to witness Offset exploring different styles, adding another layer to his songwriter's handbook

What say you - are you here for more Offset music, or should the rapper bide his time before sliding back onto the scene?