Early this morning, it was revealed that Offset received a felony arrest warrant for smacking a phone out of his fan's hand at Target. The incident occurred at Target and when a man started filming the rapper without his consent, Offset chopped the device to the ground and walked off. Because the cell phone cost more than $800, which is the threshold for a felony charge of this nature, an arrest warrant was issued for the Migos star. Offset reacted to the news publicly before changing his mind and deleting the tweet he had sent out but according to Page Six, he was not happy.

Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

After celebrating his wife's success at the Billboard Music Awards last night, Offset likely woke up to a few messages on his phone informing him that a warrant has been put out for his arrest. The star took some time to process the news before instinctively taking to Twitter to voice his frustrations. He reportedly wrote, "HARDEST THING I EVER DONE WAS BEING A BLACK MEN (TARGET) AND A RAPPER (TARGET) shit is crazy !!!" Of course, referring to himself as a "target" is a pun, poking fun at where the crime took place. 

The tweet has since been deleted with messages congratulating Cardi B being uploaded in its place. Either he had a change of heart or his PR took over.