Offset is not having himself the best few weeks. Everything seems to have finally settled down in his relationship with Cardi B but he's been experiencing issues elsewhere in his life. The Migos rapper was reportedly at risk of getting arrested in relation to a felony gun offence. There haven't been any updates on that front for a while but last night, Offset was lucky to have made his way back home after a studio session because TMZ reports that he may have been the target of a drive-by shooting.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Last night, Offset was recording at a studio in Atlanta when bullets started flying toward the building, striking several vehicles and damaging the studio's exterior. By the time police had arrived at Crossover Entertainment Group, the rapper had already left. Witnesses claim that Offset may have been the intended target. Shots started to ring out shortly after the artist had taken a moment outside to get some fresh air, according to those at the crime scene. The Migos rapper has not yet been contacted by the police.

It is reported that one man was shot in the leg but that has not been confirmed. According to the report, there is surveillance footage that shows a car pulling up and firing shots before speeding away. Thankfully, Offset is alright.

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