Offset's insights into fatherhood are at the forefront of his latest musical offering. While much of Father of 4 focuses on his own nuclear family, the rapper's estranged father is on his mind as well. The artist recently opened up about their difficult relationship with Esquire.

He explained how his dad “got into the streets” when he was only a toddler and has remained there ever since. The last time they spoke was three years ago when Migos found massive commercial success. “I had paper and I couldn’t wait to tell him,” Offset shared. But his father, who did not have a stable address to welcome his son or his newfound wealth, refused to link up out of pride.

 Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“It just started to make me upset. I've reached out and you've slapped my hand. You slapped my hand when it wasn't even out,” Offset explained. “You didn't even come back to put anything in my hand. So now I feel like you don't have any respect for me. You’re still running and you don't have to.”

His predicament still affects the emcee despite his tough exterior. “I don't care how gangster you are, who you're supposed to be, or how trapped out you are,” the twenty-seven-year-old said. “To see a nigga with their pop breaks you down.”

“If my daddy called me right now," he declared. "I'd get on a jet, buy him a house, give him a million dollars, and I won’t talk to him for another ten years. At least I’d know he’s straight.”