Offset and Cardi B are easily one of the cutest celebrity couples right now. Having just confirmed that they are officially married and secretly did the deed in October, the two are expecting their daughter any day now and have everything to be excited about. "We work. With a day off, we'll be in bed all day, just enjoying each other's company. It ain't about going to no movie, no dinner, nothing," Offset previously said of their relationship. "We can go eat McDonald's or Wendy's. She might want a chocolate Frosty." He adds, "We done so much bizarre shit with each other – rings and cars and chains. We got that out of the way."

Offset's recent tweet shared another one of the many reasons why he's in love with Cardi B and it's seemingly because she's there to get him out of sticky situations. It seems as though Offset got pulled over by a cop this past weekend and he got let off with no issues, simply by getting his wife on FaceTime. "Just got let go on a pull over for a FaceTime pic with my wife (SHES THE BEST)," he tweeted. 

Clearly, no one compares.