Offset Jim Ashes His Bogie Inside A Yeezy In "Stoopid" Featuring Jay Anthony

Devin Ch
May 04, 2019 10:43

The Bay is fully-activated thanks to players like Offset Jim and Jay Anthony.

Offset Jim's No Pressure EP flew under the radar in late January, but not because it lacked in quality. Oakland rap has always been in an isolatory state, which benefits its unique charm as much it weighs negatively on its overall exposure to would-be fans. He and ALLBLACK (his running mate) don't seem all too concerned with reaching the masses or making ends meet, made evident in Jim's new music video with Jay Anthony, better known to Bay Area rap fans as "Jay Ant" the producer extraordinaire.

In "Stoopid," Offset Jim acts out a good number of his impulses, like the video concept were a like action coloring book. When Jay Anthony raps, "I just bought these black Yeezys, 'bout to beat 'em up," the negligent act is actually brought to life during the shoot, as he ashes his roach inside a Yeezy bootlace. The gesture isn't too hard to comprehend. If the common person is too dainty for this line of work, what does that make Jay Ant or Offset Jim for that matter? Also worth noting: P-Lo of HBK and ALLBLACK make appearances in the video, as do other members of the Play Runners Association. Spot your mans if you can.

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