The feud between Offset and Layzie Bone, or Migos vs. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to some extent, is growing deeper as the week goes on. The Migos collective branded itself "the biggest group ever" without giving it much thought, words coming from Offset, the middle point between Quavo's excessive pride and Takeoff's relative silence.

Although the original declaration is but one of many boastful claims made by Migos on a daily basis and should be taken lightly for that reason, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony took it (personally) at the point of utterance. From there, both Layzie and Offset traded bombs on social media, both tarnishing each other's reputation: Layzie Bone on a historical perspective, Offset with inferences of monies accrued.

The latest "tea" to come out of the feud is centered around Offset insisting upon a "Bankroll Challenge" in order to settle their "biggest group ever" debate - with Layzie Bone reaching into his bag to produce a carefully-worded response. His plea to Offset is for the Migos member to consider the stakes of the argument - and to replace the notion of "wealth" with the metric of "measurable skill," something neither of the argument is inherently lacking. Layzie Bone ended his message to Offset by advising him to "save his bread" for his "early retirement." Keep it locked for more inter-generational hostility, from here to eternity.