Fans of both Cardi B and Offset received the news of their breakup in various ways. While some met the couple's struggles with empathy, others have celebrated the rupture. According to sources who claim to be close to the famous pair, Offset is still trying to make amends in this situation. Unfortunately for him, the work he is wielding in efforts to save his marriage is being thwarted by his haters.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

After a text message conversation between Cuban Doll and Offset hit the web, Offset scrambled to prove his innocence to his wife, according to insiders. He tried to reassure her that nothing materialized from the exchange and that he hadn't been involved with anybody else either. The rapper is said to perceive "his greatest challenge" as the regaining of his wife's trust,  "which feels impossible to him because haters keep filling Cardi's social media posts with negativity about him."

When Cardi B announced their breakup, she claimed to have been working on the relationship with her partner for "a hot minute," but this process was put to an end. Since then, the "Bodak Yellow" star has made light of the split, remixing her own lyrics to reflect the status of their romantic connection.