Over the weekend, Migos rolled out the latest video from Culture II with "Walk It Talk It." It was inevitable that it was going to be the next single. It was a highlight off the project and the Drake feature definitely didn't hurt. The video for the song as inspired by Soul Train and each artist acted the part incredibly. The director of the video, Daps, recently broke down how the video came about and the most shocking part about shooting them.

If you're unaware, Offset's not only an incredible rapper but he's also a pretty great dancer as well. He got to flex some of those abilities while shooting the video for "Walk It Talk It." Daps, the director of the video, told Billboard that he was aware that Offset was able to dance but not to the extent that he showed off.

"I’m not going to lie, one time I saw a YouTube video where he was doing... not the Macarena, but some kind of salsa dancing. And I was like -- 'Wait, this isn’t wack. It looks good.' So I knew he could move, but when he started popping and locking I was like, ‘Oh, shit!’ This is the first time I’ve seen him dance like this.'" He said, "Apparently Offset is the fucking best dancer in the whole world and no one knew about it."

During the interview, he also mentions how Drake was actually the one who brought up the idea for the Jheri Curls and Jamie Foxx's appearance in the video was only confirmed at midnight on the day of the shoot. Watch the "Walk It Talk It" video below.