People are often tempted to crown a leading couple within hip hop. It's not extremely common that two rappers form a romantic union, so when that is the case, the couple receives much praise from the community. Offset and Cardi B became lovers when their respective careers were blowing up. Their musical collaborations and all the drama their relationship entailed provided additional boosts. Furthermore, Cardi wasn't just turning into a revered rapper, but being elevated as a public figure. 

Offset Cardi B Relationship Migos HighsnobietyDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

In Migos' new cover story for Highsnobiety, Offset reveals how Cardi's status has led to people trying to gas him up as the most prominent member of Migos. “I feel like a lot of group’s failures was about the power and the fame and not being strong-minded," he said. "If someone tells you you’re better than the others, you’re the one, you’re bigger than everybody.’ And you carry yourself that way after being told that, you’re a weak-minded person. People tell me all the time, ‘You’re married to Cardi B. You’re the real star.’ I shut that down immediately. And it kills them so much, and I can see the darkness in their face. By even telling me I’m the star, you’re killing my memories. Period.”

Even though Offset is wary of his relationship with Cardi being cited as a source of inequality among the Migos, he's still able to embrace his involvement in Cardi's life and career as a blessing. “My wife’s success is one of the biggest things I’ve ever been a part of. She didn’t feel like she had it at one point. The world didn’t think she could rap. But I can tell when somebody is going to last, and when I met her, I was already wanting to know her before I ever even heard a song by her. That’s why she fucks with me and why our shit is so genuine. I did done some fucked up shit, but she knows that I fucked with her before I even knew she rapped. I knew she was a lost soul that was a superstar.”