The Offset and Cardi B drama never seems to stop these days. Of course, Cardi B publicly announced a while back that she was splitting up with the Migos rapper as rumors of infidelity swirled around him. There were reports that he had multiple mistresses, and Cardi B, who has a child with Offset, didn't want to keep seeing him. Since then though, they have been spotted multiple times together, with Cardi B saying it's only because she was horny and that they aren't really back together. 

Perhaps Offset is trying to get back within the family's good graces, as Cardi's sister, Hennessy Carolina, took to Instagram to show off a gift from Offset.

"Eyyy My Bday/Christmas gift from my brotha @offsetyrn!✨Thank you again brother we tuff on each other sometimes but it’s all love, the album is fire," Hennessy wrote on Instagram. In the video, she flashes her new piece of ice, a diamond-encrusted watch that brings a ton of shine to her wrist. The caption also tells us that there doesn't seem to be any animosity between the two, despite all the rumors.

She also mentions how Offset's album is fire, an interesting declaration considering we're still waiting on his project, which has been teased but still not released.