Offset & Cardi B have been fueling dating rumors heavily over the past few months after the two have been spotted hanging out together on numerous occasions. From hitting the club together or collaborating on the track "Lick,” Cardi & Offset have become more than just friends over the past couple months, and on Monday night more proof of that statement could be made when Offset apparently purchased Cardi a new chain.

Late Monday night, footage surfaced online of Offset gifting Cardi with a brand new chain while backstage at Meek Mill's pop-up concert. The reason for the gift or how much it cost is unknown, but it definitely doesn't look cheap. When asked if she loved it, Bardi replied “I doo I dooo. Thank you.”

Watch Offset give Cardi the new chain in the clip (below). Are you a fan of Offset & Cardi being a new power couple?