If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it's that rappers sure do love their sneakers. Shoes are the cornerstone of any wardrobe and no one understands this better than beloved Migos member, Offset. Over the years, Offset has proven himself to be one of the biggest sneakerheads in the game and is always looking to add to his collection with some rare kicks. Perhaps the best example of his affinity for sneakers was on a recent episode of Complex's Sneaker Shopping where he dropped over $30,000.

As it turns out, when Offset isn't at home, he likes to travel with an array of sneakers that will be placed in and out of his rotation. The Migos spitter recently hopped on his Instagram story where he showed off some of the shoes he likes to bring "out of town." After watching this video, you can't help but be just a little bit envious.


In the video, you can see a wide range of shoes although it seems like Offset is more interested in Nike and Jordan Brand than anything else. There are some Nike SBs, including the popular Travis ScottAir Jordan 1 Low. "Bel-Air" Jordan 5s, Jordan 3s, and Jordan 6s are among some of the standouts in his collection here.

If this is his "out of town" collection, we can only imagine what his entire sneaker closet looks like.