Last night, we got to experience the first truly competitive release night on the 2019 calendar. Gunna and Lil Pump released their newest projects and Offset came through with his official solo debut. The Migos star had been teasing Father Of 4 for months, first hinting at a December release in time for his birthday. Unfortunately, his personal life fell apart when Cardi B broke up with him, leading the rapper to push back everything he had planned so that he could repair his relationship. The two are back together now and Offset has officially dropped his solo debut album, Father Of 4

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The work begins with an apology from Set to his four children. The rapper reaches deep into his heart to say sorry for not being there all the time for his babies. From his first child, who he had at age 17, to Kulture, Father Of 4 starts off on the right note. It continues on an introspective path before reaching a few low spots, picking back up around "North Star."

So far, fans have been pleasantly impressed on social media, enjoying the tone of the album upon first listen. Of course, that's a generalized statement but from what we make of it, this is easily the best-received of the three Migos solo albums. Only time will tell if it holds up in the long run. Check out a few of the top reactions below.