Cardi B and Offset announced that the two had officially broken up about two weeks ago. Since then, Offset's been on a serious grind to try and get the mother of his daughter back. In his latest attempt to win her back, Offset crashed Cardi's set at Rolling Loud Festival with flowers and cake, but the gesture didn't seem to work out as he planned.

Offset brought out flowers and cake that spell out "Take Me Back Cardi" during the "I Like It" rapper's set at Rolling Loud L.A. The rapper made a public apology in front of the audience before Cardi seemingly kicked him off the stage and had the cake and flower arrangement removed.  "I just want to tell you I'm sorry, babe," he said.

Following the incident, Cardi B hit Instagram Live and shockingly came to Offset's defense. She said that regardless of what's going on between them, she wants people to stop dragging him on social media. "That whole coming at my baby father bullshit, that doesn't make me feel any better," she said. She continued to say that she's unsure of whether she'll get back together with him. Peep the clip below via TMZ.

At this point, it seems like Offset might try to brand his "Take Me Back Cardi" movement. On Friday night, 21 Savage brought him out on stage during Rolling Loud and prompted the crowd to chant, "Cardi, take Offset back." Prior to that, Offset took to Instagram to plea for Cardi's forgiveness.