Offset said so himself: he's off the lean. The newly-emancipated Migos' member made the revelation on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, yesterday morning - although it would seem, Promethazine would be the least of his worries, heading into the next trimester. 

"I'm getting off this drank, this lean. It was never a cool thing for me," Offset told Ebro during a tangential spree. "I never was putting pictures of me pouring it up and doing that. It became something I was doing, it became a hobby. It became something that I just gotta do."

Ebro opened the discussion by asking Offset about the changing dynamics in his life, as illustrated by the apologetic tone he displays on Father of 4. Once he'd admitted that his lean consumption was initially for the sake of appearances only, Offset spoke about his breaking point.

"I started to notice like, 'I'm not gon' get to my full potential with this," he continued. "Then people start noticing that you love—like your mama tell you like, 'Son, you need to stop drinking that stuff.' I take that hard like, damn!"

Offset even alludes to quitting lean on "North Star" featuring Ceelo Green, where he raps, "crown me the king, addiction to lean, but if I can't sip it then mama, I can't even sleep." Check out the remainder of the Ebro interview, where Offset also discusses his conflict with Chris Brown, as well as the motion to make good on his marriage.