Offset is one of the biggest artists in the world, a position that necessitates a lot of moving around. In a video segment for HYPEBEAST, the Migos member divulged the essential items that he brings with him while travelling. 

Most of the items proved just how boujee of a lifestyle the man leads. He detailed the engagement ring that his wife, Cardi B, got him. "It looks like how woman's ring would probably look, but my wife understood how I like big stones," Offset shamelessly said while flashing the $750,000 iceberg.

A showcasing of several massive chains followed the ring, but then Offset arrived at a more humble item in his belongings. Amid all the dizzying luxury, the Father of Four pulled out a bar of Dove soap. He then extensively praised the product and shamed fellow rappers for being stinky at times. "Wash yo' ass. I know a lot of you rap boys. Y'all be smelling a lil' stank too boy. You be spraying yourself with all that cologne. Wash yo' ass man. My assistant get cussed out if he leave this anywhere cause I don't like any other soap... Squeaky clean. I like to smell good. I like my skin to shine."

Watch Offset, the self-care guru, discuss soap at 6:35 mark in the video below.