Migos rose to stardom off the strength of trap-driven raps, which often shielded the minute details of their personal lives from view. However, Offset's debut solo album, Father Of 4, found him at the most transparent and honest he's ever been. The rapper speaks on his rise from the trap, while also dishing on becoming a father at a young age. In the opening track, the rapper admits that he didn't know his oldest daughter's mother very well, going on to say that he wasn't sure at first if the baby was even his. This has caused an issue for the child's mother, Shya L'Amour, who thinks that Offset's narrative implies that she was a hoe, for all intents and purposes.

Shya L'Amour expressed her frustration with Offset earlier today on Instagram. Although she admits she's happy that her daughter and Offset have a relationship now, she shared her side of the story.

"I’m so happy and grateful that they have now built a bond but I had to speak up for myself cuz I’ll be damned if my daughter see or hear this in the future and think I was just I was just out here living a thot life and didn’t know who my bd was!" She wrote. "You CHOSE not to see bout her! You CHOSE to remain ignorant!! It wasn’t until I kept having to embarrass myself just to prove the point that you had my baby fucked up that you chose to step up!! & I’ll take that!!!"

In a post that followed, she addressed people who claimed that their daughter Kalea was the product of a one-night stand.

"YES im still healing from this! I endured a lot up until he was finally ready to acknowledge her," she said. "I stayed quiet for so long because I didn’t want him to resent her! The biggest blessing is that he is in her life now... I know and appreciate this. But if you’re gonna mention me and OUR story then tell the WHOLE truth!"

She added, "All love to him and his wife.. and for the record she really has brung out the king in him! & I appreciate her for that!"

In the following post, she plugged Offset's album and encouraged everyone to stream it.

Co-parenting at its finest.