If you've been tasked with stocking up at the supermarket this weekend, you may have noticed a shortage of... well... a lot. Panic buying has taken effect and people are hoarding things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and more. Apparently, in Offset's go-to grocery shop, people have also resorted to buying all the bread off the shelves.

Migos rapper Offset took to Twitter to voice his frustration over the coronavirus-related panic buying, which has officially resulted in a lack of breakfast food at the Cephus household.


While many have complained about a shortage of necessities, Set is more concerned about what he's going to eat when he wakes up. "Who got bread for sale????? Can’t find shit," asked the rapper.

This is the first time we hear about actual food, like bread, going missing during this global pandemic. People are really beginning to take this seriously, buying out stores and ensuring that they have enough resources to survive for the next two weeks. Let's ensure that we remain calm and kind to one another though, as there are at-risk people who are unable to stock up on anything right now.

Hopefully, Offset was able to find him some toast for this morning.

Offset coronavirus bread
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images