Seemingly out of nowhere, news broke out that Cardi B and Offset, who had publicly gotten engaged in October had actually already been married way before that. According to reports, the two had filed for a marriage license on September 20th, 2017. Now, TMZ is reporting that the day they got married is the exact same day that Offset proposed to Cardi.

According to a source close to the couple, Offset decided to propose to Cardi all of a sudden, with no engagement ring or any sort of pretense whatsoever. Offset reportedly woke up, looked into Cardi's eyes, and asked her to marry him.

Once Cardi agreed, the couple then hired an officiant to come over to their house the very same day to marry them. The ceremony took place in the couple's bedroom, and the only person who was there to witness to proceedings was Cardi's cousin. As such, Offset's high profile "proposal" was nothing of the sort. Rather, it was simply him keeping his promise to Cardi to buy her an engagement ring, while also appearing like a real proposal to the media.

There's no reason to worry about Cardi missing out on a real wedding ceremony either. The couple plans to throw a much grander marriage celebration after Cardi gives birth to their child, at which time Offset will cop himself a wedding ring of his own.

Most people wouldn't dream of getting married the same day they propose, but most people aren't Cardi B and Offset.