We're no strangers to Offset and Cardi B's sexual affinity for one another. When they're forced to be apart for a period of time, they often publicize their unquenched desires. When they are together, they often engage in raunchy talk or skip the talking altogether to get right to the action. All this to say, they give no fucks (in a metaphorical sense, of course). For this reason, Migos' new collaboration with Young Thug and Travis Scott is the perfect anthem for this criminally-horny couple. 

Last Friday (Feb. 14), these trap Avengers united to drop their previously-teased track "Give No Fxk". The hook features Quavo repeating that phrase several times over a booming beat. It begs for someone to twerk to it, so Cardi said "hold my beer," or McFlurry rather. She shared a Triller clip of her and her hubby having a wild time aboard a private jet, soundtracked by the aforementioned song. It's quite chaotic. It shifts between Offset banging his head like a rockstar, Cardi shaking her ass atop him on a bed and both of them calmly feeding each other ice cream. 

As if this montage wasn't sexually suggestive enough, Offset stated what went down on the plane on his own IG page. Captioning some solo shots of himself standing outside the PJ, he wrote, "SEX ON THE PLANE BE VERY INTERESTING 🧐 👅😻." I'm sure any other members of the Mile High Club would confirm this.