Offset and the rest of the Migos are constantly flashing cash, even at the most unnecessary situations. Offset particularly was seen in the Carpool Karaoke episode with stacks on stacks of money that amounted to hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, the IRS is watching and it appears as though there's a six-figure tax bill that 'Set must pay up ASAP.

According to The Blast, Offset is being targetted by the Georgia Department of Revenue for a $210K bill that's been left unpaid. The debt comes from 2017 after he initially owed $146,845.83 in back taxes. However, after neglecting the alleged bill, it appears as though with taxes, penalties and collection costs, his new bill is over $200K. And the home listed on the tax lien is property he bought with Cardi B. If the rapper fails to pay the debt soon enough, he'll be forced into having his assets seized.

At the end of the day, Offset is a businessman above anything else. Cardi B's often given him credit for helping her get her business correct before she propelled into the limelight. Most recently, the rapper invested in the esports group FaZe Clan -- you've probably seen him rocking the hoodie around. With the rise of online gaming, it seems like Offset could run into some big bags.

If all else fails, we're sure Offset could sell a few piece of jewelry to cover the bill.