Amy Winehouse, an acclaimed singer who suffered alcohol and drug problems, passed away a year and a half ago. At that time, her cause of death was deemed alcohol poisoning. Now London officials are saying this may not be the case.

TMZ reports that a new inquest into the singer's death will be launched next month. Authorities say that the coroner who over saw Winehouse's autopsy did not have the proper prerequisites when she concluded that the soulful singer died of alcohol poisoning.

Local reports say that Assistant Deputy Suzanne Greenaway was appointed her job by her husband in 2009, even though she was lacking the five years of experience demanded by London Law Society. Greenaway's husband has since resigned from his job as coroner in inner north London just this past month, due to the scandal.

At the time, it's unclear if Amy Winehouse's body will be exhumed in order to complete the new investigation. Although this is what official want, Winehouse's family say they are not supportive of the inquest.