Shaun Lucas, the now ex-officer who shot and killed Jonathan Price last Saturday night in Wolfe City, Texas, has been "terminated for his egregious violation of the City's and police department's policies," a statement from Wolfe City officials said. 

Price had reportedly been attempting to break up a dispute that had turned physical when he was first confronted by Lucas. He had stepped in to prevent a man from hitting another woman and then the man angrily initiated a fight with Price. The two men were no longer fighting when Lucas had arrived.

Price had apparently approached Lucas with a friendly demeanor and attempted to shake his hand. Lucas asserted that he was under the impression that Price was intoxicated and thus attempted to detain him. 

Price attempted to disengage and Lucas tased him as he began to walk away. Lucas claimed that Price attempted to grab at his taser, at which point Lucas shot him four times. He was unarmed.

Price had previously spoken out about recent events in defense of police officers, writing that he had never experienced "that kind of [racist] energy from the po-po."

The Texas Rangers have hit Lucas with murder charges for his role in Price's death.