Odell Beckham Jr. knows the NFL's policy on TD celebrations better than anyone in the league. He was fined earlier in the season for his celebration against the Cowboys but for the most part he has perfected the art of dancing after a touchdown without being penalized. 

So it's only fitting that OBJ weighed in on Ezekiel Elliott's touchdown celebration from last night, in which he jumped inside a gigantic Salvation Army pot and was NOT fined by the league. 

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Elliott's excessive celebration could've cost him a little over $12,000 but he's still going to donate that money to the Salvation Army anyway. He managed to raise awareness for a worthy organization, didn't get fined, and the Salvation Army received a spike in donations as a result.

In other words, everyone wins. 

Except for OBJ, who thinks things would've played out differently if he was the one jumping into jumbo-sized kettles.